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college sublease

With over 6000 ads listed in the first 6 months,
College Sublease is well on its way to becoming a leader in the online housing locator/listing market. This project was developed from the ground up to practically run itself through a series of databases -- almost the entire site is database driven.

A number of custom features were developed for this project to meet the business model desired by the owner. Below is a short list of some of these features.

  • Automatic email notification of matching results.
  • One click automatic matching results online.
  • Advanced searches to search for specific items in member listings.
  • Preview "teaser boxes" to display summary of matches (pictured at right)
  • Ability for members to upload pictures of their apartment/house/etc.
  • One click subscriptions where members can easily upgrade their accounts.
  • Real time account management for members.
  • Backend administration to manage content on specific areas of the site as well as ability to send emails to selected member types.
  • And much much more.

college sublease