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The web site is primarily two main parts -- A front end informational web site and an extensive back end administration. The front end is a sales orientated informational web site designed with ease of navigation and a professional look in mind. To create this look, simple Flash elements were used to enhance the professional business theme.

However, the true excitement of the site comes together in the backend administration where all account management activities are conducted. Due to the unique nature of IncentiPrize's product, the entire administration application was developed from the ground up. It is always challenging developing an application of this scale, however our extensive planning is proving to be successful as the site is developing ahead of schedule.

The back end administration features (pictured at middle and bottom right) allow for easy account creation and management using the custom designed IncentiPrize Administration interface. Once the new accounts are created, their individual databases are immediately set to receive data as well as ready for the staff to retrieve and deliver the data as necessary. Overall, the goal of the entire admin system is to make a complicated system appear very simple -- which was accomplished.