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purple monkey scrapbooking supplies

Purple Monkey Scrapbooking Supplies is the first site to feature the Netstorez 2.0 ecommerce application.
Netstorez was developed by myself for Netformz' clients to provide a highly customizable and economically affordable solution for custom ecommerce applications.

The original Netstorez version has been successful since the 2000 launch of, however after many upgrades to the original version, a rewrite of the application was due. Features in Netstorez 2.0 are similar to the original version, however a streamlined application for improved speed and enhanced security features are the most noticeable improvements.

Other features include: Complete back end administration for product and order management (pictured bottom right), improved membership signup and faster checkout, real time credit card authorization, enhanced options features for products, web site management capabilities, advanced statistical reporting, email marketing capabilities, and much more.

Purple Monkey Scrapbooking Supplies